Latham Centers' Adult Program is comprised of long-term 住宅 services, 合租住宿, 以及独立支持的社区生活环境. Residents benefit from access to an array of community 和 social activities as they develop daily living 和 vocational skills 和 explore social, 志愿者, 以及有报酬的工作机会.

Currently, Latham Centers is promoting 共同的生活 opportunities. The objective of our 共同的生活 Program is to provide a safe, 安全, 和 enriching home setting in which the individual with unique needs is empowered to develop relationships within the home 和 the community. The 共同的生活 provider works on a contract basis with Latham Centers 和 is compensated monthly with a generous stipend for their services 和 the needs of the individual in their care.


Caren Richards is featured in a new Cape Cod Media Center PSA on 共同的生活


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Latham Centers offers quality 和 同情ate 住宅 programs for children 和 adults with complex special needs, 包括普瑞德-威利综合症, 在科德角和更远的地方.


共享生活对个人来说是一个独特的机会, 夫妻, or families who wish to open their homes 和 their hearts to an individual with developmental disabilities, 22岁或以上. Latham’s 共同的生活 Providers make a real difference while earning an income.

共同的生活 Living Resident poses for photo at beach with his 共同的生活 family.


  • 稳定安全的生活环境.
  • Transportation to medical appointments, recreational events, 和 other community resources.
  • Daily support for the individual with developmental disabilities.


  • 每月优厚的津贴.
  • The satisfaction of helping the individual with disabilities reach their full potential.
  • 来自莱森中心的培训和持续的专业支持.


  • A spare bedroom in your home that can become the bedroom of the individual.
  • 你和你家里的每个人都必须通过背景调查.
  • 你必须有良好的驾驶记录和可靠的车辆.
  • 一台电脑和互联网接入.

金沙集团手机app下载的独立生活计划中, our residents reside in their own homes while receiving supports in life man年龄ment areas uniquely challenging to them. The over-arching goal of both programs is for our adult participants to lead successful lives as independent, eng年龄d members of the community while meeting their changing life needs.

Student in our Children's Program preparing for transition to adult 住宅 home in California

One of the critical steps for students at Latham is making the transition from adolescence to the adult world. “当他们离开金沙集团手机app下载的寄宿护理会是什么样子?” “What kind of life might be possible, 和 what opportunities would make a difference?” Many of our students 和 family members have come to us with these kinds of questions.


The 成人服务 Supported Community 和 共同的生活 项目 help adult residents 和 answer these questions 和 provides residents with h和s-on staff guidance, as they learn to make important decisions in their lives while continuing to work toward greater independence. Latham maintains Supported Community 和 共同的生活 homes in local 住宅 neighborhoods, 靠近保健设施. 居民可能会和几个室友住在一起, 和另一个室友住在一个公寓里, 或者在他们自己的公寓里. 一些年轻人最初需要24小时的支持, 一周七天, 而其他人需要的更少. Levels of support are based on each person’s individual needs 和 goals.


All receive well-rounded exposure to a range of life experiences; for instance, 照顾好自己和自己的家, 找到工作并把工作做好, 经营自己的银行业务, 买菜和做饭, having fun in the community 和 meeting people with whom they can safely form healthy, 长期的关系. Individuals’ goals are driven by their own interests 和 tastes. Staff works with them to reach these goals, helping them to become as self-sufficient as possible.

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位于马萨诸塞州东南部和科德角, Latham provides community living opportunities for adults with disabilities including Prader-Willi Syndrome. Latham Centers is licensed by the Department of Developmental 服务 (DDS), 金沙集团手机app下载的成人课程提供职业培训, 住宅, 社会和临床资源. We provide 住宅 programming for developmentally disabled adults 年龄d 21 和 older who need individualized supports in a community-based, 居住环境. 金沙集团手机app下载的成人项目为员工提供支持, life-enriching社会, 教育, 为居民提供职业活动, 不断努力争取更大的独立性.  阅读更多



  • 服务4-5名成人的团体家庭社区住宅;
  • 共享生活社区住宅,每间供1名成人居住;
  • Independent Living serving adults living in community apartments 和 condominiums;
  • 个性化服务,满足每个人的独特需求. Support ranges from intensive 24-hour supervision to drop-in case man年龄ment;
  • 社区保健提供者;
  • 获得以社区为基础的日间节目.


  • 金沙集团手机app下载的员工充满爱心,训练有素;
  • Assistance with daily routines, community integration, 和 behavioral therapies.


We work with all families 和 funding sources to ensure an in-depth 理解 of our programs 和 admissions process. We encour年龄 those interested in learning more to schedule a visit with our 招生 Department.



位于马萨诸塞州东南部和科德角, Latham provides community living opportunities for adults with disabilities including Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Latham Centers is licensed by the Department of Developmental 服务 (DDS), 金沙集团手机app下载的成人课程提供职业培训, 住宅, 社会和临床资源.



金沙集团手机app下载学校,来自 8岁到22岁的年轻人 是否有特殊需要的老师或助手照顾. 在8人或更少学生的小型家庭教室里上课. 阅读更多….



While some Latham children return home to family or enroll in programs closer to home, others may transition to our Adult 项目 or remain on Cape Cod to live independently 阅读更多….



A gift to Latham Centers will make a difference in the life of each 和 every individual we serve. To make it as easy as possible for you to donate, we offer a variety of gift vehicles 阅读更多….